Act now to save Queensland’s platypus and other aquatic wildlife!

28 July 2023

Wildlife Queensland is making an urgent plea to Queenslanders to support the Society’s campaign to ban the use of deadly opera house nets (enclosed yabby traps). For far too long, Queensland has allowed these horrific traps to take a toll on our unique species, such as the platypus, when there are alternative wildlife-friendly traps available for catching yabbies. This must end, and it must end now!

Imagine the heart-wrenching scene of an innocent animal trapped underwater, struggling for air, desperately searching for an escape it will never find. This tragedy occurs within our freshwater waterways due to the deadly use of enclosed yabby traps, including opera house nets.

Platypuses, rakalis, and turtles fall victim to these cruel devices, facing a slow and agonising death.

SA says ‘no’ to nets

South Australia has taken a commendable step by banning the recreational use of opera house nets from 1 July 2023. The nets are also illegal in the Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria; and are restricted in parts of Queensland.

It’s high time Queensland follows other states in banning opera house nets completely.

Our platypuses, rakalis, and turtles deserve better.

“Wildlife Queensland has been campaigning since 2009 to ban these traps but the Queensland Government, unlike Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales, has not listened,” says Wildlife Queensland’s Policies and Campaigns Manager Des Boyland.


“Wildlife Queensland needs your help by signing our petition or writing to the Premier.”

Act now to save Queensland’s platypus and other air-breathing aquatic wildlife!

Send an email today and let your voice be heard in the fight to ban opera house nets in Queensland. Together, we can make a real impact and be proud of the steps we take to protect our environment and its wildlife.


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