A ‘Batty’ thank you to BCRQ!

5 May 2021

Last month, Wildlife Queensland was pleased to donate part of the proceeds from the 2020/2021 Batty Boat Cruise season to Bat Conservation and Rescue Qld Inc. (BCRQ) as a thank you for their generous participation in our Batty Boat Cruises this year.

BCRQ is a non-profit volunteer organisation dedicated to preserving the population of flying foxes and microbats in Queensland through rescue, rehabilitation and education.

Volunteers from BCRQ generously contribute their time and expertise to Wildlife Queensland’s Batty Boat Cruises, providing invaluable information to passengers about our unique flying foxes. Passengers also get to meet orphaned baby flying foxes and their BCRQ carers onboard each cruise.

BCRQ volunteer Michael on board Batty Boat with orphaned baby black flying-fox, Millie.

We loved talking to the foster carer — I think his name was Michael — when the little baby girl bat did her tour of the boat. He was a wealth of information and answered everyone’s questions thoughtfully even though he was asked the same questions by nearly every group. I could have listened to him for hours.”_ 2020 Batty Boat Cruise passenger

BCRQ President, Melinda Brennan, said the donation will go to help the many bats in their care.

“I’d like to thank Wildlife Queensland and Batty Boat Cruises — not only do our bats benefit from the donation, but the cruises also contribute greatly to education and future bat rescuers. Some of our best volunteers have gotten involved after going on a Batty Boat Cruise! We also get rescue calls from people who say they have been on the Batty Boat Cruise. Thank you again for all you do for wildlife,” said Brennan.

For more information about BCRQ and information about what to do if you’ve found a bat, please visit the BCRQ website.

More information about Wildlife Queensland’s Batty Boat Cruises can be found on the Batty Boat Cruise webpage.

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