Platypus Xmas Appeal 2022

Help protect our iconic platypus this Christmas!

Wildlife Australia

Our special 60th anniversary spring 2022 edition of Wildlife Australia is OUT NOW!

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 Wildlife Queensland is the longest-running and most respected wildlife conservation organisation in Queensland. For 60 years we’ve worked to protect and conserve at-risk species and habitats, advocating for better environmental policy, delivering vital on-ground conservation programs, and raising awareness of wildlife conservation issues through education and community engagement.

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Wildlife Australia Xmas Subscription Offer

Wildlife Australia Christmas 2022 Subscription Offer

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How we work

Protecting wildlife

Protecting and connecting threatened species through our innovative surveying and monitoring programs and key habitat restoration projects.

influencing choices

Cooperating with local & state governments and conservation groups to develop policies & campaigns that protect our state’s natural heritage.

engaging communities

Educating and engaging people, the foundation of our Society, to inspire change and achieve positive conservation outcomes.

Species spotlight

Wildlife Australia magazine

WAM Spring 2022


Latest news

Australia without the platypus – what a damning thought!© Slowmotiongli from Getty Images

Australia without the platypus – what a damning thought!

Wildlife Queensland has launched its annual Christmas appeal focused on a species that is arguably among the most bizarre in the world – the platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus). Considered a hoax when a specimen first came to the attention of English museum curator George Shaw in 1799, the platypus is the only living species in its genus.

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Containers for change looks to expand© Canva NFP

Containers for change looks to expand

Queensland’s popular containers for change program could soon be expanded to include glass wine and spirit bottles to ramp up recycling, put money back into the pockets of Queenslanders and charities, and protect the state’s environment and great lifestyle.

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