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Platypus Government Ensures a Good News Week for the Platypus - Wildlife Queensland’s PlatypusWatch Program goes from strength to strength with the collaboration and assistance of government at federal, state and local levels and new grant-funding.
Recovering the Mahogany Glider: A Team Effort - The Mahogany Glider Recovery Team met in Tully last week, and despite the uncertainty and complexity of remote meetings, cooperation between members was high – all working constructively to improve the future for this endangered species.
Spotted-tailed quoll biotech Battling to Maintain Biodiversity: Techniques and Tools for the Future - When it comes to global biodiversity, technological advancement is making it increasingly easy to map, survey, catalogue and monitor the complement of life on this planet. How we continue to do that in a way that is ethical and equitable and that focuses on the most pressing conservation issues without resulting in knock-on effects is the question.
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