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What is logo? Do you have FOGO? Well, you will soon… - Don’t worry, it’s not related to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), and only tenuously linked to ScoMo, whose Federal Government is overseeing the rollout … introducing FOGO – the Food Organics Garden Organics bin.
Trouble for our little drummer bird Palm Cockatoos Face Existential Decline - Recent research from Dr Christina Zdenek and Prof Rob Heinsohn, published in Biological Conservation, finds that the spectacular and endangered palm cockatoo looks set to face population declines of 47% to 95% over the next fifty years, which could reduce its number to just 150 individuals.
Wildlife Qld Christmas Appeal Yell Out for Yellow-bellied Gliders Yell Out for Our Most Outspoken Glider this Christmas! - It’s that time of year again! Giving season is here again, and it’s time to launch Wildlife Queensland’s annual Christmas Appeal. This year, we’re urging you to raise your voices, shout from the ‘treetops’ and help us raise funds to save Australia’s noisiest gliding mammal!
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Published by Wildlife Queensland, Wildlife Australia is Australia’s oldest surviving wildlife magazine and nature journal, featuring articles by experts, researchers and award-winning natural history authors and showcasing the photography of some of the continent’s most talented photographers. For more than half a century, from its beginnings in 1963 – when world-famous poet Judith Wright was at the editorial helm –, Wildlife Australia has been informing readers about Australian species and helping preserve some of our most vulnerable ecosystems. A quarterly, 48-page full-colour magazine, Wildlife Australia is published in print for thousands of international and Australian subscribers and is also available digitally.