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Seen up close these flying mammals aren’t terrifying at all – they are quite adorable. If you’ve taken a Batty Boat Cruise on the Brisbane River, you’ll know this to be true. Bats: creepy or cute? Cruise to see for yourself! - As Batty Boat Cruise season kicks off again on the night before Halloween, we take a closer look at the symbolism of the bat and how these flying mammals are anything but evil - BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!
North Stradbroke Island legislation that reversed the legislative changes introduced by the former Newman Government now ensures that sandmining will cease by 2019, one of Palaszczuk’s wins for wildlife so far in Wildlife Queensland's perspective. Palaszczuk Performance & Review – October 2016 - In the wake of the halfway mark of this term of Parliament, WPSQ reviews the performance of the Palaszczuk Government with regard to the environment and proffers advice on outcomes achievable before the next election.
glider-real-featured Greater gliders spotted – October 2016 - The greater glider has been spotted by Wildlife Queensland in the Redlands area on more than one occasion recently, encouraging findings for this vulnerable flying mammal.