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conservation wildlife projects news magazine what's on about us support us contact us
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Voice of the platypus finally heard

After years of campaigning by Wildlife Queensland to have opera house traps banned, a government has finally listened ...

Abbott Government’s impact: time to express concerns

The closing date for submissions on the Abbott Government’s attack on our environment ...

Will the 2050 Plan save the Reef?

Will the Reef 2050 Plan ensure the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area is properly protected and made healthy ...

Get onboard with the bats

The Batty Boat Cruise is back for its 30th season opening Sunday, 2 November 2014. Book now to get onboard! ...

The Big Bird Event

Wildlife Queensland calls all bird lovers to celebrate our feathered friends at this end-of-year event ...

More platypus die in battle

Despite Wildlife Queensland’s ongoing campaign of over five years to have the deathtraps banned ...

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