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We've raised 62% weird size Bring Back the Birdwing update – September 2017 - For all those supporting and following our current appeal to save the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly by planting 500 vines essential to the survival of this vulnerable species, we have many thanks and some great news.
ff pic FEATURED Flying-foxes in decline – we’re taking action – September 2017 - Wildlife Queensland can now confirm that flying-fox populations are in decline, and a policy for the protection of Queensland’s mainland flying-fox species (spectacled flying-fox, black flying-fox, grey-headed flying-fox, and little red flying-fox) is being developed - a key step in a campaign to enhance the conservation of these native species.
One of the 12 greater glider sightings that made for such a successful preliminary spotlighting survey earlier this month. A Greater update – September 2017 - An evening of spotlighting in Caboolture has yielded some unexpected results for the Queensland Glider Network’s latest project, funded by the Society’s Greater Idea appeal earlier in the year.
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