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Grey-headed flying fox mother and pup with distinctive ruff around neck and chest. Source: Vivien Jones. Attitudes must improve – April 2017 - Wildlife Queensland believes that immediate action must be taken to better inform the community of the sound reasons to change its collective attitude towards flying foxes - before it's too late!
Stacey and Matt explain for their young audience the process and importance of eDNA sampling in searching for these special secretive creatures. Wild enough for wee ones? – April 2017 - Network Ten’s 'Totally Wild' films another segment on the work of our PlatypusWatch program, and we ponder whether screens can ever do enough to help the younger generations hear the call of the wild.
josh article FEATURED image Mega inspiring fauna – April 2017 - Inspired by Australian wildlife from an early age, artist Joseph Burgess has a thought-provoking way of bringing the conservation message to life for contemporary urban communities.
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