Vegetation of Fraser Island / K’Gari – Paperback Book

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Explore the vegetation communities of Fraser Island / K’gari with the aid of this self-guided driving and walking tour to 10 distinctive natural ecosystems on the largest sand island in the world. These vegetation communities contain over 850 flowering plants and ferns which have been compiled into a species list of scientific and common names and sorted into categories according to the vegetation type and sand dune formations in which they are found. Using this guide, the nature enthusiast can gain a snapshot of how the island was formed, some of the post-colonial history and forest management practices, to identify the different vegetation associations and the dune types on which they occur, which range from the beautiful heaths on the very old sand dunes on the west coast to the tall giant satinay trees in the protected valleys on the 300,000-year-old dunes in the centre of the island at Pile Valley. As you travel throughout the island and pass through the different vegetation types, often with sharply defined boundaries, this book of 160 pages will assist you to gain a better understanding of the vegetation on this natural wonder called Fraser Island / K’gari.

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