That’s Sick & That’s Gross Bundle

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Have you ever heard of poo-eating koalas, or bum-breathing turtles, or gut-shooting sea cucumbers? No? Then read on, because all those freaky creatures plus many more are in these beastly books of sick grossness. Animals get up to all sorts of weird and stomach-flipping antics to survive. What may seem nasty or nauseating to us is actually natural and normal for them. Even so, as you read through these books, you’ll probably blurt out, “That’s gross!” or “That’s sick!” over and over again. But what do you think the animals would say? Use the speech bubble stickers from the back of the book to add funny lines. You’ll freak out your friends and family with these foul facts, so take a deep breath, strap in your stomach and get ready to get grossed out!

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