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Biodiversity is under threat

The symbol of WLFL is the Queensland bottle tree because it is unique to our State and symbolises the habitats that WLFL wishes to preserve

Queensland’s natural heritage and biodiversity are threatened by pressures that are hard to contain: urban development, inappropriate land use leading to habitat loss, feral animals and weeds. WLFL’s vision is to contribute to our ecologically sustainable future by conserving our natural environment.



The WLFL grew out of a recognition by WPSQ members in 2001 that land acquisition and management was a strategic and practical way of supporting Queensland’s wildlife and habitat. WLFL was launched by WPSQ in April 2002. Because of these strong links, generally WLFL members are required to be members of WPSQ as well.


What WLFL does

The WLFL acquires and manages areas of Queensland with high conservation and management values. The Fund obtains significant parcels of land of less than 2000 hectares and then intensively manages it to remove weed species, plant native vegetation and optimise the land for wildlife. The land is available for study and monitoring and to set an example of viable and progressive management that can be emulated in the future by responsible landholders


What is WLFL?

WLFL, a public, limited guarantee, non-profit company is Queensland’s leading community organisation involved in acquiring land to be managed for wildlife and habitat. Funds come from donations, bequests, grants and membership fees. Contributions, cash or land, donated to the public fund Wildlife Nature Reserve Fund are tax deductible.


WLFL moves ahead

Weeds and pigs – Weeds won’t stand a chance in the long term with the control measures in place at Bukkulla and Witta Conservation Reserves. Pigs that have been spotted at Bukkulla are also slated for eradication.


Fences and gates – Both conservation reserves the advantage of excellent fences and gates to restrict unwelcome cattle and mark the reserve boundaries against human incursion.


Neighbours and friends – Building fences, supporting wildlife, carrying out fauna surveys, keeping an eye on the land – WLFL acknowledges the invaluable help of the reserves’ neighbours and WLFL members.


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