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Wildlife Land Fund Limited (WLFL) is Queensland’s leading community organisation involved in acquiring land to be managed for wildlife and habitat.

Our vision is to contribute to our ecologically sustainable future by conserving our natural environment.

WLFL is a public, limited guarantee, non-profit company. Funds come from:

  • donations
  • bequests
  • grants
  • membership fees.

Contributions (cash or land) donated to the public fund Wildlife Nature Reserve Fund are tax-deductible.

WLFL and Wildlife Queensland

WLFL grew out of a recognition by Wildlife Queensland members in 2001 that land acquisition and management was a strategic and practical way of supporting Queensland’s wildlife and habitat.

Wildlife Queensland launched WLFL in April 2002. Because of these strong links, WLFL members are also required to be members of Wildlife Queensland.

What WLFL does

The WLFL acquires and manages areas of Queensland with high conservation and management values. The Fund obtains significant parcels of land of less than 2,000 hectares and then intensively manages it to remove weed species, plant native vegetation and optimise the land for wildlife.

The land is available for study and monitoring and to set an example of viable and progressive management that can be emulated in the future by responsible landholders.

For more information about WLFL and the properties we manage, head to the Wildlife Land Fund Limited.


Written by Wildlifeqld