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The Wandoan Coal Project, if it goes ahead, will cover approximately 32 000ha west of Wandoan, and comprise an

Xstrata coal has removed close to 50 000t of coal from a sample pit at Wandoan for coal testing.  Photo © MRM 2008

Xstrata coal has removed close to 50 000t of coal from a sample pit at Wandoan for coal testing.
Photo © MRM 2008

open-cut coal mine, a coal handling and preparation plant, and related facilities such as a rail line and a new port. The mine would produce thermal coal for export and possibly domestic markets for up to 30 years.

The proposal is a significant project under State law and ‘controlled action’ under the federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Actso the Queensland Government has invited the public to make submissions on the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposal. Read the Wandoan Coal Project EIS.

Make a submission

Submissions close 5pm Monday 2 February

Email or mail your signed written submissions to

The Coordinator-General
c/- EIS Project Manager—Wandoan Coal Project
Significant Projects Coordination
Department of Infrastructure and Planning
PO Box 15009 City East Qld 4002

fax +61 7 3225 8282


The Wandoan Coal Project is a significant infrastructure and resource extraction proposal that will have implications for the environment beyond the scope of the project itself: water resources, contribution to climate change, land degradation and rehabilitation, and direct environmental impacts on the surrounding area.

Your submission

Read the points made in ‘Issues’, read the EIS in as much depth as you can, and consider these points when making your submission.

  • The coal from the mine will be burnt overseas and possibly in Australia. The people responsible for the proposal must prove that the project will not contribute to increased atmospheric greenhouse gas levels. What does the proposal say about reducing the carbon emissions that will result?
  • The mine infrastructure proposal includes a rail line and new port facilities around Gladstone. How does the proposal intend to reduce the local and regional impacts these will have on biodiversity or habitat, or on the Great Barrier Reef?
  • Coal mines need a lot of water. The proposal offers three options as water sources: 2 coal seam methane gas opportunities or raising the Glebe Weir on the Dawson River. Congratulate the proponents on dropping the idea of the Nathan Dam as one of the water sources (impacts of the Nathan Dam). Any open-cut mine and related infrastructure means clearing vegetation and other land impacts. How will the vegetation and local environment be rehabilitated after the mine is decommissioned after a relatively short time?

What Wildlife Queensland is doing

Wildlife Queensland will be examining the full text of the EIS (all 600 odd pages) and will make a submission before the due date. A summary of points in the submission will be available on this website.

For more information on Wildlife Queensland’s activities, contact us by email or call +61 7 3221 0194

Wildlife Queensland – December 2008

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