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The Queensland Government has released a planning document: Toward Q2: Tomorrow’s Queensland.

This document purports to deliver vision for Queensland in

Toward Q2: What should Queensland be like in 2020?

Toward Q2: What should Queensland be like in 2020?

2020 based on 5 aims for the State: Strong; Green; Smart; Healthy; and Fair. The Queensland Government has outlined 2 targets for each theme and a brief strategy for each target.

Why get involved?

Toward Q2 is a major opportunity for you to have your say about the State’s future directions.

  • For the environment: Toward Q2contains proposals that will affect the environment and biodiversity of Queensland. Tell the Government what they should do to support wildlife and habitat.
  • To be heard: Queensland Government elections will be held within 12 months. Now is a good time to tell the government what you want because you are likely to get a better outcome as winning votes gets more important.
  • Ensure good outcomes: Wildlife Queensland is concerned that the document is unclear about its strategies, is not legally binding, and that the government and future governments would not be committed to its targets. The community needs to hold the Government to account on its planning.

Q2’s document and website are unclear on how the community consultation will work – don’t let this put you off


  • Economy
    • To build a strong economy industry and Government should invest in renewable energy
  • Carbon footprint:
    • Reduce reliance on coal
    • Improve public transport options
    • Reduce land clearing
    • Support national greenhouse gas reduction targets.
  • Protected areas
    • Conservation areas should not be confused with recreation areas. Q20 should have separate targets for these 2 categories.
    • National Park estates should protect 15% of Queensland
    • 30% of all Queensland Marine Parks should be protected in green zones by 2020
  • The plan outlined in Q2 is not legally binding and does not include formal commitments. Nor does it have deadline for submissions. How committed is the Queensland Government to achieving the Q2 target.

What you can do

The Queensland Government is inviting input from the entire community. Make your opinions known now and right up to election time.

  • Read the Q2 document.
    • Get a printed copy by calling 1800 082 105
    • Download a copy
  • Tell the Queensland Government your ideas:
    • Call 1800 082 105 and speak to the Q2 hotline
    • Write to the Policy Development Office, PO Box 15185, City East QLD 4002
    • Complete a reply-paid Toward Q2 postcard (available by calling 1800 082 105)
    • Comment online

What Wildlife Queensland is doing

Wildlife Queensland has made a full submission on the Q2 document. Use the points in your own submission. Read the Wildlife Queensland Q2 submission here [PDF – 70KB]

For more information on Wildlife Queensland’s activities, contact us here.

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