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Broadly speaking, the Campbell Newman Government’s attitude towards the environment during the party’s first term has been disastrous. While some positive actions did occur these were greatly outweighed by retrograde amendments to legislation and regulation that negatively impacted Queensland’s wildlife.

LNPlogoAt a recent meeting, the current Environment Minister, Andrew Powell, was asked to provide Wildlife Queensland with a list of the LNP’s positive environmental intentions going forward, and was informed that other major political parties had provided their lists of environmental commitments. The Minister was assured that the opportunity to do so would be open until COB Thursday 22 January.

The LNP provided no such list of commitments.

Several key environmental issues were discussed at the meeting including a Queensland ban on single-use plastic bags and other plastic litter. While no commitment was given on this pressing issue or any other during this meeting, the Minister was enthusiastic about restricting single-use plastic bags and other forms of plastic litter at a round-table meeting of conservation groups on 16 December last year.

Wildlife Queensland maintains that the case for a plastic bag ban must be strengthened with support from a broad range of community sectors. Help us ban the bag!

Naturally, Wildlife Queensland can only inform its supporters of the environmental intentions of political parties if such information is supplied. In light of a lack of positive initiatives from the LNP one is left wondering whether the onslaught on our wildlife will continue should the LNP be re-elected in 2015.

Written by Wildlifeqld