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The environmental policies espoused by the Australian Greens are well documented. While not currently represented in the Queensland Parliament the party’s performance in the Federal Parliament clearly demonstrates that they practice what they preach.

Significant issues for the Greens include:

GreenslogoAction on climate change

The Greens recognise climate change as the biggest threat to our environment and strongly advocate reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Policies will need to focus on transport, construction, housing, energy production, land clearing, agricultural production, manufacturing production and imports. There is a need to transition from coal and coal seam gas industries starting with a phasing out of the thermal coal industry.

Biodiversity protection

The Greens appreciate that biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem practices maintain the earth’s life support systems and that their protection, conservation and restoration can be achieved by minimising loss and further fragmentation of remaining remnant vegetation. There is a need to establish a comprehensive, adequate and representative protected area estate. The marine environment also requires protection and conservation. The Greens have been active in the fight to save the iconic Great Barrier Reef from further degradation.

Animal welfare

The Greens accept that protection of our native fauna is best done in its habitat wherever possible and appropriate, and that for this to occur, it is essential to protect and restore the natural habitat. Their focus is not restricted to native animals but includes all fauna. The Greens advocate that the Brambell2 recommendations should be applied to the treatment of all animals which should have the right to freedom from thirst, hunger, pain, discomfort, fear, pain, injury and disease. In addition they should have the freedom to express normal behaviour.

Concern for the various species of flying fox and the need for sustainable fisheries are also included in the Greens’ policy statements.

Written by Wildlifeqld