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The federal government realises the current fragmented approach to managing Australia’s biodiversity is not working and it’s time for a new strategy.

A draft federal strategy plan has been created that recognises biodiversitystragetythe importance of Australia’s biodiversity (or biological diversity) and the urgent need to reverse its decline.

Australia’s Biodiversity Conservation Strategy: 2010–2020, Consultation Draft is now available for comment.

Why make a submission?

This is an important policy document that could guide the management and protection of Australia’s plants, animals and ecosystems over the next 10 years.

The draft strategy is the result of collaboration by all State and territory governments with advice from CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology.

How to make a submission

Make your submission before 29 May 2009.

  1. Read a copy of the draft strategy.
  2. You can make your submission online.

The issues

The draft strategy wants to make enduring changes to the way that natural systems are protected. It focuses on 6 main priorities for change:

  1. Building ecosystem resilience: Helping systems to survive increased pressure, especially climate change.
  2. Mainstreaming biodiversity: Ensuring Australians understand how they affect biodiversity and how it supports them in turn.
  3. Knowledge for all: Improving, sharing and using our knowledge of biodiversity.
  4. Getting results: Delivering conservation initiatives
  5. Involving Indigenous peoples: utilising Indigenous peoples’ long-standing relationships with our natural environment.
  6. Measuring success: Measuring and reporting on how targets are met.

What WPSQ is doing

Wildlife Queensland has been campaigning for improved protection and management for our biodiversity for many years. We welcome this move by the federal government.

  • Wildlife Queensland will be making a major submission on this draft strategy. Information in that submission will be available online as soon as possible.
  • Wildlife Queensland’s existing biodiversity policy (approved 2005) is currently under review. We are taking into consideration recent developments in biodiversity protection, and State and federal initiatives.
  • Wildlife Queensland is part of the consultation process through which the Queensland Government is developing its own biodiversity strategy.

For more information on WPSQ’s campaigns, email or phone +61 (7) 3221 0194.

Written by Wildlifeqld