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Wildlife Queensland’s Talking Wildlife webinar series presents bi-monthly webinars for wildlife enthusiasts and people interested in learning about wildlife conservation on Wildlife Queensland’s latest projects and campaigns and provides educational information about Queensland’s native species.

This webinar series is free of charge for all participants.

Recordings are made available at the conclusion of each webinar.

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Current and upcoming webinars


Wildlife Queensland’s Talking Wildlife Webinar Series will be back in 2021. Stay tuned for our 2021 program.


Previous webinars

View recordings from previous Talking Wildlife webinars.

Queensland’s Quolls (November 2020)

Queensland's Quolls webinar

In this Wildlife Queensland webinar, presenters Matt Cecil (Wildlife Queensland) and Dr Sean FitzGibbon (University of Queensland) provide a fascinating look at Queensland’s quolls, with a specific focus on the endangered spotted-tailed quoll. Learn about these amazing marsupials, their habitat and ecology, as well as the threats they face and current conservation initiatives.

You’ll also find out about Wildlife Queensland’s Quoll Seekers Network program, and how you can help to save the spotted-tailed quoll.

Watch the recording and download the presentation.

Protecting the Platypus (September 2020)

Protecting the Platypus

In this webinar, University of Queensland PhD Candidate and Wildlife Queensland PlatypusWatch Project Officer Tamielle Brunt talks about the uniqueness of platypuses and their importance in freshwater ecosystems and provides information on the threats to the platypus in this part of Australia and what we can do to protect it. You will also find out about other Wildlife Queensland projects and campaigns. Watch the recording and download the presentation


Wildlife Queensland presents: Glorious Gliders (July 2020)

Glorious Gliders Webinar

In this webinar, you’ll learn about Australia’s amazing gliding possums – or gliders – their habitat and the main threats to glider populations. You’ll also find out how Wildlife Queensland and its dedicated Queensland Glider Network are working to support glider populations through the establishment of wildlife corridors, data collection and mapping, education initiatives, and how you can help. Watch the recording and download presentations