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Greater glider

Wildlife Queensland’s Queensland Glider Network (QGN) is rolling out a series of free half-day workshops to encourage landholders to help conserve threatened greater gliders and yellow-bellied gliders … and they’re so popular they’re attracting ‘glider groupies’.

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Wildlife Queensland is proud to announce that the Queensland Glider Network (QGN) is a successful recipient of Federal Government funding to improve community knowledge of endangered greater gliders and vulnerable yellow-bellied gliders across south-eastern Queensland’s fire-affected regions.

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Mahogany glider

Stars above, spotlight beams, nocturnal shrieks, and the sudden swoop of something overhead in the darkness – boobook, powerful owl or … glider? This year’s results from Wildlife Queensland’s glider conservation teams make all the bushwhacking worthwhile.

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Yellow-bellied glider

Wildlife Queensland’s Yellow-Bellied Glider Project team has had recent success locating yellow-bellied glider colonies in the western suburbs of Logan.

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