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Spectacled flying fox

Australia’s vastly diminished Spectacled flying fox population faces a new threat to its survival following a recent federal decision granting the relocation of a significant roosting colony of spectacled flying foxes in Cairns.

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Baby Indi

The final Batty Boat Cruise for 2019 was an evening of relaxed cruising on the Brisbane River, a stunning sunset and flying-fox fly-out spectacular!

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Passengers had a spooky fun time and got to meet Olive, an adorable 15-day-old orphaned black flying-fox on the Batty Boat Halloween Cruise on 27 October 2019.

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Batty Boat Cruise

Join Wildlife Queensland on a bat-tastic Brisbane River cruise! Watch the bats fly over the Brisbane River at sunset, interact with orphaned baby bats on board and listen to live commentary about Brisbane, the flying fox species and other amazing wildlife. About Batty Boat Cruises Meet orphaned baby bats on board the Batty Boat Cruise. Batty …

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