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Welcome to Wildlife Queensland Sunshine Coast and Hinterland Inc.

Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Inc came into existence in 1963 as the first ‘country’ branch. The founder of this Caloundra Branch, as it was originally known, was Kathleen McArthur, one of the four founders of WPSQ, who lived in Caloundra. Rampant development along the coastal strip (and its attendant destruction of wildlife habitat) has always been a major concern for the branch, which plays an active role in lobbying for the conservation and preservation of the natural environment.

Our major project, Faunawatch, a community-based fauna monitoring initiative with expert scientific input, has a strong relationship with the Sunshine Coast Regional Council and receives substantial funding from Council’s Community Partnerships Program.

Our members participate in regular weeding and planting activities at a conservation reserve on the coast, and develop their bird, animal and insect identifying skills on regular Faunawatch outings.

We are a member of Stockland’s Aura Community Advisory Group, providing wildlife information to this large development south of Caloundra.

Sunshine Coast and Hinterland Inc is also a member of other local environment, landcare and community groups, liaising with them on common issues.

Meeting information

Day/Date: on the third Wednesday of the month (not December)
Time: 1.00pm
Where: Caloundra Power Boat Club, 2 Lamerough Parade, Golden Beach


Pumicestone Passage Convergence 2021: Tuesday, 17 February

Wildlife Queensland Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Inc Branch presented on the history of community environmental groups at the Pumicestone Passage Convergence in February 2021.

Read the paper here: Whip-skew and other Acronyms

Regular Faunawatch activities

See the Faunawatch page for details of upcoming activities and refer to Faunawatch Newsletter below.


  • Faunawatch Newsletter


Contact details

Wildlife Qld Sunshine Coast and Hinterland Inc
ABN 97 767 979 103
PO Box 275, Caloundra, QLD 4551

A group of Wildflower Festival walkers in Ben Bennett Bushland Park, Caloundra, near a 400-year-old Tallowwood tree. © Wildlife Qld Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Inc.

A close up of a Patersonia sericea at Isabel Jordan Bushland Reserve, Caloundra. © Sieghilde Krenn

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