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The Queensland election will be held on 21 March 2009. If you want the best for the environment, who should you vote for?

Vote 1 for the environment on 21 March 2009

Vote 1 for the environment on 21 March 2009

UPDATE: find out how the major political parties prioritise the environment in our 2009 Queensland Election Priorities Scorecard

What’s important?

Worried that there are too many issues? Don’t know what’s important?
Wildlife Queensland, in alliance with major green groups, has done the hard work for you.
This web page tells you:

  • The important issues.
  • Why they are important.
  • How the new Queensland Government should solve the problem.

Use this information

  1. Read ‘Vote for the environment‘. We’ve summarised the important points and given you the option to read the details.
  2. Ask party representatives for their position on each of these issues. Send an email, write a letter, call their office.
  3. You might be concerned about local issues – they will probably fit into one of these big issues. Use the information to figure out what needs to be done locally
  4. Tell everyone you know to ask the questions too.
  5. Decide how you will vote.

Vote for the environment

Wildlife Queensland, working with the State’s main green groups, has nominated these key issues – so get out and vote on them.

1. Act on climate change and build a clean energy future. Why it’s important? … More

  • Introduce a State renewable energy and efficiency plan. How? … More
  • All new developments must be guaranteed to be climate neutral. How? … More
  • Develop and fund a climate-safe communities program.  How? … More

2. Sustain healthy river systems Why it’s important? … More

  • Cancel all major proposed and future dams and weirs. How? … More
  • Introduce sustainable water supply strategies for urban centres. How? … More
  • Protect our wild river systems. How? … More

3. Protect and restore nature on land and sea. Why it’s important? … More

  • Cut pollution of the Great Barrier Reef by 50% by 2013. How? … More
  • Fund biodiversity with $100 million by 2014. How? … More
  • Protect our endangered vegetation. How? … More
  • Have Cape York Peninsula declared a World Heritage Area. How? … More

4. Plan a liveable community future. Why it’s important? … More

  • A sustainable population in Queensland. How? … More
  • Base development plans on actual future carrying capacity. How? … More

What WPSQ is doing

We want voters to be informed and aware. We have put together this detailed list of issues and strategies for your information.
We are working with other major green groups to push these united positions to decision makers during the election campaign and to future Queensland governments.

For more information on WPSQ’s campaigns, email or phone +61 (7) 3221 0194.

Written by Wildlifeqld