Queensland Croc Survey in Full Swing

The field survey component of the most comprehensive survey of Queensland’s crocodile population in over a decade has been completed. 


Wildlife Queensland has been advised that the Department of Environment and Science has completed the field survey component of a monitoring program across the estuarine crocodile’s range. This is the first comprehensive survey of Queensland’s crocodile population in over a decade.

These results can be compared with the findings of earlier surveys as far back as the mid-1980s to demonstrate the population trends over time in different regions of their range.

The crocodile monitoring program is part of the Queensland Government’s $5.8 million commitment over three years for crocodile management.

Back in 2018 when the Wildlife Trade Management Plan – Queensland Crocodile Farming and Crocodile Egg Harvesting (1 November 2018–31 October 2023) was approved, Wildlife Queensland supported the harvest of eggs on a trial basis provided a commitment was given by the government that a survey of Queensland’s crocodile population would occur (see previous story: 7/12/2018).

“It is good to end the year with some positive news for Queensland crocodiles,” says Wildlife Queensland Policies & Campaigns Manager Des Boyland.

“The government has delivered for wildlife for once and honoured their commitment.”

It is Wildlife Queensland’s understanding that a technical report is being prepared based on the monitoring program. Once finalised, the findings from the report will inform appropriate management strategies for Queensland crocodiles based on fact, not emotion.

“Wildlife Queensland welcomes this approach – actually knowing what has to be managed,” says Boyland.

“We can only hope it happens more often.”

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