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National Parks under the Boot

The assault on nature conservation in Queensland

Why has the Newman Government chosen to comprehensively neutralise nature conservation and its associated legislation in Queensland, particularly in relation to national parks?

There doesn’t appear to be any political imperative, as is the case in NSW where a party with the balance of power in the Upper House is demanding hunting access to national parks. The Liberal National Party (LNP) government in Queensland has had complete and unassailable control of the uni¬cameral parliament since it reduced the Labor opposition to seven members following the March 2012 election. Neither can it be explained purely as a matter of ideology. Coalition governments in Queensland and elsewhere in Australia have been responsible for some significant advances in nature conservation. After all, the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) was enacted by a Coalition government in Canberra, as was the latest strongly protective zoning plan for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. There has been the suggestion that the government is undoing what was created by former Goss, Beattie and Bligh Labor governments. However, several matters that have been neutralised are actually products of earlier Coalition governments. Which leaves one other possible explanation, perverse though it may be, that they are doing it simply because they can.

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The Future of Protected Areas

The Protected Area Estate started in Queensland with the proclamation of the State Forests and National Parks Act.1906

Millstream Falls, Millstream Falls National Park Photo © Keith McDonald

Millstream Falls, Millstream Falls National Park
Photo © Keith McDonald

on 26th March 1908 and gazettal of Witches Falls National Park two days. However such a significant event was in fact preceded in the Government Gazette of 22nd September 1900 when A Reserve for National Park, Barron Falls about 7500 acres was declared under The Land Act 1897 (Ogilvie, unpub.manuscript).

Over time the Protected Area Estate has grown from 324 acres (131ha) to total about 12.2 M ha… more



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