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Wildlife Queensland is partnering with the Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) in the fight to rid Queensland of single-use plastic shopping bags. An initiative of the QCC in November 2012, the campaign was joined by Wildlife Queensland in 2013.  The campaign now urges Queenslanders to kick the plastic bag habit for the month of March 2014.

The single-use plastic bag is a relatively modern convenience and has been in use by consumers since the 1960s. Since then it has become one of the leading man-made everyday pollutants. Almost 20 percent of plastic packing items picked up around Queensland since April 2013 has been single-use plastic bags, and according to the recent National Litter Index (April 2013) Queensland is the worst-performing mainland state. While being number one is what the various states usually strive for in times of friendly-but-fierce competition, surely this is one title Queensland should not be striving for. Not only do single-use shopping bags contribute significantly to pollution, their threat to our wildlife is well documented.

To demonstrate how easy it is to kick the plastic bag habit, Wildlife Queensland and other partners in this campaign are asking Queenslanders to commit to not using single-use plastic shopping bags for the month of March. Join the campaign by registering here.

There are readily available alternatives. When shopping, you can take your own bags – any kind you like – and don’t forget to take a cooler bag to keep your frozen items cold. There is also no need to rely on single-use bags at home. Compostable plastic bags are available for bin liners or newspapers may also be used in certain circumstances.

While Wildlife Queensland’s partnership with Queensland Conservation in this campaign commenced in 2013, several of our branches have been active in this area for some time. In particular the Fraser Coast Branch has been actively liaising with their council in addressing this issue.

The single use of the plastic bag is an ever-growing problem in spite of all the educational and promotional material on the topic. Wildlife Queensland encourages you to actively participate. Get involved! Let us demonstrate that we can survive without the single-use shopping bag and make the planet a better place.

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Written by Wildlifeqld