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The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland (Wildlife Queensland) is the oldest, largest and most respected wildlife-focussed conservation group in Queensland.

For more than 59 years, the Society has played a part in each of Queensland’s major conservation issues, beginning with early campaigns to protect important habitats such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Hinchinbrook Passage and Fraser Island.

Wildlife Queensland was founded to educate the community about wildlife and wildlife issues, an aim we continue to achieve through:

Since that time, protecting threatened native wildlife has been an important focus of our work: due to Wildlife Queensland campaigns, the whiptail wallaby is no longer shot commercially in our state, ducks and quails no longer have to fear the sport shooter’s gun, and fewer platypus and other non-target species suffer cruel deaths at the hands of opera house style yabby traps.

All our campaigns and submissions are based on policies created, debated and written by Society members, for example:

  • Biodiversity policy
  • Population policy
  • Water policy

The early days

The first members of Wildlife Queensland were concerned with the increasing destruction of the natural environment and felt that, by establishing an organisation to strive for conservation and continuing environmental education, the community would be encouraged to be aware of and accept sound conservation ideals.

To this end, the Society was created as a community-based, non-profit organisation, co-founded in 1962 by Judith Wright, Brian Clouston, David Fleay and Kathleen McArthur.

Wildlife Queensland’s current patron, Margaret Thorsborne, is an eminent veteran conservationist who worked alongside Judith Wright in the original campaign to protect the Great Barrier Reef in 1967.

More information can be found in our monograph series dedicated to exploring Wildlife Queensland’s early years:


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