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Introducing A Will for Wildlife

Introducing A Will for Wildlife

Wildlife Queensland is excited to have launched a beautiful new booklet, A Will for Wildlife. This booklet shares the history of Wildlife Queensland, the environmental successes of the organisation, and some beautiful supporter stories.

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Endearingly endangered© Bundaberg Regional Council

Endearingly endangered

Come face-to-face with one of Australia’s most at-risk marsupials this Threatened Species Day.

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The search resumes for spotted-tailed quolls on the Sunshine Coast© Pierre Pouliquin/Flikr

The search resumes for spotted-tailed quolls on the Sunshine Coast

Wildlife Queensland’s Quoll Seekers Network (QSN) has been awarded funding support from the Queensland Government’s Community Sustainability Action grants program to conduct a series of camera trap surveys to assess whether the endangered spotted-tailed quoll and northern quoll persist in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

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70 waterways in 7 years!© Canva NFP

70 waterways in 7 years!

Wildlife Queensland’s 2022 platypus environmental DNA (eDNA) survey has been one of the most important due to the major flooding events that have affected our waterways since the 2021 survey season. It is also a great milestone – we have sampled 70 waterways in seven years!

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A win for Sunshine Coast fauna© CanvaNFP

A win for Sunshine Coast fauna

Sunshine Coast wildlife is the winner in the recent announcement that Yurol Ringtail State Forest will be revegetated and become part of Tewantin National Park.

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Where is the political will to preserve our wildlife?© IainStych / Getty Images

Where is the political will to preserve our wildlife?

Campaigns for the upcoming 2022 Federal Election on Saturday 21 May have passed the halfway mark. Given the widely reported faunal extinction crisis facing Australia, you might think the major political parties would be keen to outline strategies and earmark significant, essential increases in funding to arrest the crisis and reverse the trend. Not so!

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