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30 March 2019


Wildlife Queensland Projects Manager, Matt Cecil, reports on his recent visit to the brush-tailed rock wallaby…

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Eradication planned for the red imported fire ant

30 March 2019


Red Imported Fire Ants Red Imported Fire Ants….

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29 March 2019


Wildlife Queensland recently caught up with ecologist and wildlife carer, Read more

Waste Reduction The 3R’s of Reducing Waste

The State Government has…

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Balloons on beach

Balloons are killing our seabirds

7 March 2019


Balloons on beach Washed-up balloons on a…

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The Next Step: Against Waste

Single-Use Plastics: The Next Steps

updated 1 August  2019


The Next Step: Against Waste2018 was a stellar year…

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Squirrel Glider

Squirrel Glider28 February 2019


Queensland is in the enviable position of being…

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Mahogany Glider

27 February 2019


Wildlife Queensland has welcomed a new Senate inquiry into Australia’s faunal extinction crisis and called on…

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Who will care about wildlife when I’ve gone?

You will – with a bequest to Wildlife Queensland. Your commitment and…

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Clean Up Australia Day

It’s time to Clean Up Australia!

Clean Up Australia Day is on Sunday, 3 March 2019.Clean Up Australia Day...
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