Uncertain future for Cullendore quoll population

Uncertain future for Cullendore quoll population

By Mark Simpson

The Spotted-tailed Quoll is the largest marsupial carnivore currently living on the mainland of Australia. Once widely distributed throughout the continent, it has seen a 50 to 90% reduction in

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Attitudes must improve – April 2017

Grey-headed flying fox mother and pup with distinctive ruff around neck and chest. Source: Vivien Jones. Grey-headed flying fox mother and pup with distinctive…

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Wild enough for wee ones? – April 2017

Stacey and Matt explain for their young audience the process and importance of eDNA sampling in searching for these special secretive creatures. Stacey and…

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Mega inspiring fauna – April 2017

Marsupials hold a certain notoriety in the animal kingdom. Characterized by premature birth and continued development on the mother’s lower belly, marsupials make up most of the native mammals found in Australia. Over 40,000…

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Magpie FEATURED image Wildlife Queensland has recently prepared a policy addressing the management of human-wildlife conflict with a focus on human interactions with crocodiles,…

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Hballoons FEATURED image “The fact is that what goes up must come down”. Image source: www.themorningbulletin.com.au

Wildlife Queensland has welcomed the announcement that Retail First,…

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Bridging the Gap – It’s working! – March 2017

The happy snaps are gliding in. Mahogany Glider female on the southern pole, Kennedy Creek Road, early hours of 1 March, 2017. The happy…

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Wild Women Unite for Wildlife – March 2017

‘Mother Elephant’ Sharon Pincott inspired a 78-strong gathering of women (and some very brave and supportive men) as guest speaker at WPSQ’s recent Wild Women Brunch for Wildlife in honour of International Women’s Day…

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Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

Waste Policy Unit,

GPO Box 2454,

Brisbane, QLD 4001

27 February 2017


RE: Submission on Discussion Paper: Implementing a lightweight plastic shopping bag ban in Queensland

Thank you for the opportunity to provide…

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