Logan, let’s discover our quolls!

Have you spotted me lately? Spotted-tailed quoll by Sharon Wormleaton.

Wildlife Queensland and the Quoll Seekers Network, with support from the Logan City Council, will be hosting a Quoll Discovery Day at the Chambers Flat / Logan Reserve Community Centre to raise awareness of our favourite endangered native carnivorous marsupial, the spotted-tailed quoll.

Once known to inhabit bushland across Logan, the spotted–tailed quoll seems to have disappeared from the region.

“The event will feature presentations from quoll experts and researchers, a demonstration by a quoll detection dog, and live wildlife displays by Geckoes Wildlife,” said Matt Cecil, Projects Manager for Wildlife Queensland.

“This species is a native top-order carnivore, so its function within the ecosystem cannot be overstated. It’s important we understand whether populations are still holding on in Logan so that measures to protect the species can be implemented,” he said.

Spotted-tailed quoll populations are under threat as a result of landscape modification, cane toad poisoning, roads deaths and introduced predators.

“Wildlife Queensland wants to encourage Logan residents to join in the fun and learn more about this amazing animal once known to inhabit their local area. Importantly, we hope to hear from Logan residents who have ‘spotted a quoll’ lately!” said Matt.

Wildlife Queensland and the Quoll Seekers Network have been searching for the species throughout Logan and the Scenic Rim for the past ten years, in an effort to better understand the distribution of these animals across the region.

Often, areas are surveyed in response to a sighting by a local resident who has observed an animal resembling a quoll on their property. However, the most recent hard evidence of a population of quolls was a deceased animal by the side of a road in 2007.

“Wildlife Queensland would love to change this, but we require the residents of Logan to let us know if and when they spot this special creature,” said Matt.

The Quoll Discovery Event will be held on Saturday, 10 June 2017, from 10am – 1pm at the Chambers Flat / Logan Reserve Community Centre. The event is free and open to the general public. For more information, please phone Wildlife Queensland on (07) 3844 0129 or email quoll@wildlife.org.au.

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