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Though it is early days Labor has already shown a clear intention to attempt to reverse the damage suffered by the environment and its wildlife over the past 3 years:

Enhanced protection of the Great Barrier Reef

LaborlogoA Queensland Labor government will ban the sea dumping of capital dredge spoil in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. Furthermore it has been announced that the ALP aims to cut farm chemical pollution by up to 80 per cent within a decade. The policy includes $100 million in new funding, the establishment of a task force, the investigation of a water quality trading scheme, support for best management practice and smart regulations.

World-class tree clearing laws

A commitment has been given to reinstate world-class tree clearing laws to protect Queensland’s biodiversity. Restoration of such legislation and regulations formally introduced by Labor will certainly assist in arresting the current unacceptable decline in biodiversity accelerated by LNP actions. Addressing such actions will also assist in reducing carbon emissions.

Nature conservation legislation

A Queensland Labor Government will take the necessary action to amend the Nature Conservation Act 1992 and to restore the cardinal principle of management to its rightful place. Labor appreciates the prime purpose of national parks to be the conservation and protection of our natural heritage.

Solar Power

Labor has set a target of one million solar homes in Queensland. The Productivity Commission is to be asked to establish a fair price for householders for putting electricity into the grid.

Waste management

Queensland Labor does not want to let Queensland be ‘the rubbish state’. It is their intention to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill sites. A multi-pronged approach is outlined in the party’s policy framework including restricting the use of single-use packing particularly plastic bags and examining a container deposit scheme for Queensland.

A brief perusal of Chapter 5 of Queensland Labor – 2014 State Policy Platform, Our Environment Our Future, clearly indicates that other positive actions to enhance and protect our environment will be on the agenda should the party form government in 2015. At least one party appreciates that a healthy environment, a healthy community and a healthy economy all go hand in hand.

Written by Wildlifeqld