Honouring Australia’s Lost Wildlife 

Echidna - ABC

Today is World Wildlife Conservation Day – a global occasion that provides everyone with the opportunity to learn more about wildlife conservation.

This World Wildlife Conservation Day, we invite you to join us in commemorating and remembering the nearly three billion animals killed or displaced during Australia’s devastating Black Summer bushfires.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to watch the ABC documentary Wild Australia: After The Fires, now available on iview. Narrated by Hugo Weaving, the show charts the recovery of wildlife in the aftermath of Australia’s catastrophic bushfires through stories of hope and resilience.

Then, hold a moment of reflection with the sounds of nature to honour Australia’s lost wildlife. Listen to the sounds of nature as you reflect – take some time to go outside and sit or walk in nature, or consider playing this two-minute nature track, created by ABC Science presenter Ann Jones.

Let us know how you will take time out to reflect on our precious wildlife and connect with nature, or share your reflections with family and friends.

Ways you can connect with and help protect our native wildlife

Wildlife Queensland wants to ensure that through our actions, we encourage everyone to gain an appreciation of wildlife and its habitat, leading to a greater understanding of the challenges and pressures it increasingly faces.

Together we can all play a part in protecting wildlife.


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