Groundwater plan approval delivers zero transparency

11 April 2019


Wildlife Queensland calls into question the transparency of the Commonweath Government’s decision on Tuesday, 9 April to approve the Adani mine groundwater management plan.

Reports by reputable scientific organisations CSIRO and Geoscience Australia, whose advice purportedly was acted on by the Commonwealth Environment Minister the Hon. Melissa Price MP in approving the groundwater management plan, called into question the plan as recently as February 2019.

However, letters dated 5 April 2019 stated the now-revised plans meet strict scientific requirements.

The earlier advice from CSIRO and Geoscience Australia recommended a number of actions:

  • a substantial increase of early warning monitoring between the mine and the Doongmabulla Springs using additional deeper bores and an additional bore site to monitor flows
  • tightened corrective action triggers requiring an immediate response to any unexpected groundwater impact
  • commitments to re-run the model addressing all Geoscience Australia and CSIRO concerns within two years of the commencement of coal extraction (noting there are no predicted impacts to nationally protected matters within 15 years).

Apparently, the Company has accepted all recommendations in full. However, an examination of Adani’s record in delivering the original project commitments gives Wildlife Queensland little confidence all recommendations will be implemented.

“With our climate at the tipping point, the unique Doongmabulla Springs and the future of groundwater aquifers – the replenishment of which may take years – at risk, and the inference that nationally protected matters may be impacted after 15 years, why give this component of such an unsustainable ecological project the green light?” questions Wildlife Queensland Campaigns Manager, Des Boyland.

“There are certainly no sound environmental reasons for approving the groundwater plan,” says Mr Boyland.

It is not only Wildlife Queensland and other conservation groups calling this decision into question but farming groups and water experts such as Tom Crothers, former General Manager of Water Allocation and Planning Group within the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

You can help!

With the federal election looming, Wildlife Queensland calls on the community to help them continue the battle against Adani, by contacting candidates standing in the coming federal election as well as state members of Parliament and voicing your opinion.

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