Greater exposure for our ‘flying teddy bears’

It's encouraging to see these adorable 'flying teddy bears' enjoying the spotlight for a change. Image: Jasmine Zeleny

It’s encouraging to see these adorable ‘flying teddy bears’ enjoying the spotlight for a change. Image: Jasmine Zeleny

US-based digital media brand for animal people, The Dodo, recently highlighted the work of our dedicated Queensland Glider Network (QGN) in saving the habitat of these little-known “flying teddy bears”.

“This is such a magnificent animal that most of the Australian public wouldn’t even know existed…” Wildlife Queensland Projects Manager Matt Cecil told The Dodo. “That is the sad part. It’s hard to fight to protect animals that the greater population doesn’t even know about.”

Hear it from The Dodo

This international exposure of our greater gliders and the QGN coincides with the same message by former WPSQ university intern Penelope Webster in her article for Wildlife Australia magazine’s recently released Winter 2018 edition, ‘For the Greater Good’.

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“It can be difficult to sell the concept of wildlife as something valuable to our society when so much of it goes unnoticed,” writes Penelope in Wildlife Australia. “The chances that the average urban Aussie will see a truly cryptic species are remote, and for some people, what can’t be seen might as well not exist.”

Considering this, it has been encouraging to see this Vulnerable, elusive marsupial enjoying the ‘spotlight’ (excuse the pun) for a change.

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