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Volunteers assist in the projects and administration areas of our operations, allowing Wildlife Queensland to continue the good fight.

Donations to Wildlife Queensland allow the Society to continue the good fight for our precious plants, animals and ecosystems – thank you!

We are grateful to report that our most recent appeal, with the principal focus being the ongoing existence of Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, was extremely well supported. A big thank-you to all those who answered our cry for help. Supporters can rest assured that the $43,500 raised will go towards ensuring that the aims and objectives of our Founders continue well into the future.

Beyond being financially beneficial, however, WPSQ’s June 2016 appeal was extremely rewarding in the number of letters, emails and personal messages received supporting the work and efforts of the Society. In addition David Wright, Managing Director of the consulting firm QVC Solutions, has taken Wildlife Queensland under his wing, providing pro bono expertise in strategic planning with a current focus on Wildlife Australia magazine. It has been heartening to learn that David is among the many of you who believe in Wildlife Queensland and its mission.

This appeal reiterated the importance of the relationship between an organisation and its potential donors. Our President, Peter Ogilvie, with his long involvement with Wildlife Queensland and personal connections with our Founders, entrusted this relationship with a very personal appeal letter and was rewarded with trust and support in return, contributing to the great success of the appeal and hopefully strengthening the relationship further.

The appeals run by Wildlife Queensland are a distinct subcategory of the Society’s income generation. They are a major source of funds that underpin our ongoing effort to protect our wildlife, engage communities and influence decision making for the betterment of Queensland’s environment. Funds raised by the June appeal will be directed strategically into reassuring the future of the organisation and supplementing necessary shortfalls in essential activities.

Under guidance from David Wright income generation will be enhanced. Investment in technology will bring more efficiency and cost savings in the long term. The use of electronic communication will escalate as postal services costs rise rapidly. Funds may be used as seeding funds for grants which, when successful, bring a multiplying effect to the original donation. Simply continuing to keep the doors open enables us to benefit from partnerships with universities whose students provide assistance in the project and policy areas of our operations. Volunteers assist in the administration area, allowing Wildlife Queensland to continue the good fight.

Above all, the June 2016 appeal certainly injected a big dose of hope. In the words of Desmond Tutu, “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite of all the darkness.”  Certainly hope makes the present situation much easier to bear and inspires us to keep working for the outcomes vital to the persistence of our plants, animals and ecosystems.

With increasing competition for fewer dollars available through grants and other sources of income including philanthropy, funding appeals will remain a major platform in our income generation. Wildlife Queensland looks for, and welcomes, your continued support in working to conserve our precious wildlife on your behalf.

Written by Wildlifeqld