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In early June Wildlife Queensland strongly supported an Australia wide campaign: Give the Federal Government the power to protect our national parks!- June 2013

Our national parks protect some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, and provide critical habitat for our unique native plants and wildlife – many of them threatened. National parks are a central part of our work to conserve nature and biodiversity in Australia.

In responding to a massive push from the Conservation Movement Minister Burke was seeking support to extend the powers under the EPBC Act over national parks and the national reserve system. Unfortunately recently cabinet rejected this initiative.

The Australian Newspaper reported that Resources Minister, Gary Grey, led the charge against the proposed changes to the environmental laws. Allegedly Minister Grey wrote to the Prime Minister urging her not to back the changes that the Conservation Movement so desperately wanted because of the impact on the resources industries.

Yet again we see the environment and its wildlife sacrificed for short term economic gain. Where is the forward thinking?

This was in fact Minister Burke’s second attempt to protect national parks and the national reserve system. In 2011 Minister Burke released draft regulations that would have protected many national parks and the national reserve system from new mining ventures, logging, grazing and land clearing but that regulation never progressed.

Wildlife Queensland thanks everyone for their effort on this occasion to protect the places we love. We must remain vigilant and be ready to strike again when the next opportunity presents.

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