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    Our head office, located in Brisbane, is the hub of the Society’s work. We deal with the daily demands of statewide environmental issues and operate one of Queensland’s largest conservation organisations.

    Head office is also the administrative and marketing centre of the country’s leading nature magazine, Wildlife Australia.

    It is the focal point for major campaigns and policy development and the driving force behind significant wildlife projects. The Society is represented at the local level by a number of volunteer-run branches across Queensland.


    For general enquiries email us at wpsq@wildlife.org.au

    Postal Address

    Suite 1, Level 1
    30 Gladstone Road
    Highgate Hill, Brisbane, Qld 4101


    From within Australia: 07 3844 0129
    From Outside Australia +61 7 3844 0129


    From within Australia: 07 3846 4784
    From Outside Australia +61 7 3846 4784


    Or visit our website at www.wildlife.org.au

    Wildlife Rescue and Care

    Thank you for caring for our wildlife. Please note that Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland (WPSQ) is not a wildlife rescue or care organisation. However, we are happy to connect you with services and support. Please note that these groups and organisations are not part of WPSQ and information is provided in good faith. Find wildlife rescue and care services