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Conservation can involve the political, environmental and social movements to protect, manage and restore the integrity of our ecological systems – with a particular focus on biological diversity and the natural processes that sustain life.

Cassowary family Photo © Margaret Thorsborne

Cassowary family
Photo © Margaret Thorsborne

Australia is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, with a large portion of species endemic to Australia. Preserving this wealth of biodiversity is important for our everyday lives and for future generations.

Biological systems within Australia and around the world are declining, reinforcing the need for urgent conservation.  The drivers in this decline are varying, although the impacts of humans on these systems are a central and repeated element.  Ultimately, our conservation efforts seek to manage this decline and restore these systems.

Early conservation centred on a sustainable yield of natural resources and preserving areas of natural habitat, expanding in contemporary conservation to include biodiversity.

Successful conservation in today’s environment will need to consider the interaction of the natural environment with elements of human society including: politics, economics, population trends, convenience, food and resource security, climatic variation, urbanisation and infrastructure.

Wildlife Queensland responds to various conservation issues by representing the shared values of its members across Queensland as articulated through the objectives of our organisation as set out in the constitution. These are translated into a range of policy documents dealing with areas of particular current concern through a process of consultation and engagement with its members, as well as with professionals and experts in those areas.

Conservation issues are set out under the categories listed on our sidebar – please follow these links to read more about our actions and views.


Conservation is on the agenda at all times, some of the current issues being pursued by Wildlife Queensland can be found in our news section.


Read the summary of recent submissions to find out about Wildlife Queensland in action.

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