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(Casuarius casuarius johnsonii) Southern CassowaryPhoto © Tyrone Lavery The southern cassowary, also known as the double-wattled cassowary (family Casuariidae), is native to the tropical forests of New Guinea, nearby islands and north-eastern Australia. The name cassowary comes from the Malay name kesuari. The cassowary is the largest fruit-eating bird in the world. The cassowary forms …

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As far back as 1992 concern was being expressed about the plight of the Bush Curlew (Bush Thick knee) through the pages of the Wildlife Australia Magazine. In 1996 a Friends of the Stone Curlews was set up in Victoria with the aim of bringing to public attention the declining numbers of both the Bush …

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(Alectura lathami) Also known as the scrub turkey, wild turkey or wee-lah (Indigenous, Hunter Region) Australian Brush TurkeyPhoto © Ewa Meyer The Australian brush turkey is one of three species in Australia known as the Megapodes, or ‘mound builders.’ All three species build mounds to incubate their eggs. The Australian brush turkey is now a …

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