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Welcome to Wildlife Queensland Capricorn Branch.

Wildlife Queensland Capricorn Branch is dedicated to protecting, appreciating and preserving our native wildlife and habitat which is increasingly under threat from the activities of humans and from feral plants and animals.

As well as conserving wildlife, our focus is the engaging the people of the Capricorn region on conservation issues.We promote interesting, fun, wildlife-focused outings.

Wildlife Capricorn is a trustee for the Duckpond Environmental Reserve in Rockhampton.

Wildlife Capricorn branch has been active in the Capricorn region since 1984 and has a proud history of campaigning for the local environment, for example, the campaigns to protect the Mt. Etna limestone bat caves, The Farnborough Wetlands, The Great Barrier Reef and to stop sand-mining in the Byfield-Shoalwater Bay area.

Meetings & activities

Details of regular branch meetings and activities are available on our branch blog page.

You can also contact us for details at:

Contact details

Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld Capricorn Branch
C/-PO Box 727, Yeppoon, QLD 4703
Phone: John McCabe 0412 416649
Branch blog page:

Contact us today to get involved with our branch and support Wildlife Queensland in your local area.

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