Who will care about wildlife when I’ve gone?

You will – with a bequest to Wildlife Queensland. Your commitment and care for our wildlife will continue for generations if your generosity is directed to the work that cares for wildlife.

Your voice for your wildlife can live on

Bequests make a big difference to our work. Your commitment to wildlife’s future will ensure that our campaigns and programs continue.

Your will is one way of telling your family and friends how much you think of them. Give a bequest to Wildlife Queensland (the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland) and you are ensuring that future generations will have the environment we have all enjoyed:

  • wildlife thriving in natural bushland
  • a sustainable balance of people and nature
  • coasts that teem with marine life
  • coral reefs and mountains and waterways that are clean, natural and undamaged.

Give future generations the best gift you can – give wildlife a future.

Why people give to Wildlife Queensland

Wildlife Queensland educates and informs communities and governments on wildlife issues.

We educate the community through our wildlife programs, our publications – including Wildlife Australia Magazine – and our hands-on projects in regional and urban Queensland.

We encourage governments to make the right decisions and we campaign for better wildlife outcomes through expert submissions and participation in decision-making bodies. We are a community-based, non-profit organisation working for wildlife and habitat in Queensland.

Wildlife Queensland has been around for nearly fifty years; we plan to be around as long as wildlife in Queensland needs our support.

We still have so much work to do – help us to grow.

A will for wildlife

You can help by leaving money or assets to Wildlife Queensland. Choose the option that suits you best from the suggestions below.

  • Specific bequests specify the amount that you wish to go to WPSQ.
  • Residual bequests bequeath to WPSQ what is left of your estate after you provide for family and friends.
  • Percentage bequest – leave a percentage of your estate to go to WPSQ, for example, 30 per cent of your total estate or the remainder after providing for loved ones.
  • Trust fund – set up a trust that allows your family to use the income derived from your estate while they live and the capital from the trust fund goes to WPSQ when they die.
  • Endowment bequest  set up a trust fund through your will and the interest from the fund is directed straight to WPSQ. Wildlife Queensland already has an established trust fund to which you may wish to direct your bequest. Contact us for further details.
Wording your bequest

Are you writing a new will? Then include your choice of bequest after talking to your solicitor. Do you already have a will? If so, talk to your solicitor about updating your existing will with an added bequest, called a codicil.

However, you choose to remember the work of Wildlife Queensland, let your legal advisor help you with the exact wording of your bequest. We suggest this wording:

‘I [insert name] GIVE DEVISE AND BEQUEATH [insert amount, percentage or list items] free of all taxes and other deductions, to THE WILDLIFE PRESERVATION SOCIETY OF QUEENSLAND (its successors or assigns) for its own use and benefit absolutely to be used for its general purposes and in making such bequest I DECLARE a general charitable intention AND I FURTHER DECLARE that the receipt of the secretary or other proper officer for the time being of the said society shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my executors and trustees.’

Your advisor may also need these details: Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland was established under Letters Patent in 1967. Our ABN is 44 235 565 907.

Contact us

No question is too big or too small. To discuss your bequest intentions, or to let us know of your gift, please contact our Bequests Coordinator on (07) 3844 0129 or email

We would love to be able to thank you for your incredibly kind support.


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