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Dear Friend of Wildlife,

Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response to last year’s appeal to save Wildlife Queensland from reaching endangered species status, the Society is relieved to have taken a small step back from the brink of its own extinction.

“In watching how nature deals with adversity, continually renewing itself, we can’t help but learn.” Bernie Siegel

Your support has allowed us to embrace opportunity in the face of adversity, sprouting a process of strategic analysis and planning, and germinating a number of strategies to ensure that Wildlife Queensland continues protecting wildlife, influencing decisions and engaging communities long into the future as envisaged by its Founders.

With your help we have been:

  • working with a consultant to develop strategic plans and enhanced governance for the organisation;
  • upgrading and updating our administrative processes, redirecting staff time to more critical issues, reducing related costs and providing more timely services to members and branches;
  • investing in professional development and related software to increase in-house production of publications and management of our website.



Now, with the seeds planted,

we look to you to help us water the soil.



Our financial circumstances are on-going. In the face of withdrawn government funding at all levels, we continue to need your help to ensure Wildlife Queensland can maintain its important role in wildlife conservation and public education. In order to be a strong and respected voice for wildlife,

we need a functional organisation, the key components of which include:

  • a small nucleus of skilled staff to undertake administration, communication and fundraising; oversee campaigns and policies; initiate and lead projects; publish Wildlife Australia; and coordinate branch related matters;
  • a wide range of volunteers to undertake a multitude of tasks;
  • an easily-accessible office space where staff and volunteers can work and meet, and where adequate storage space for records and equipment is provided; and
  • appropriate information technology.

Now, there is little point in seeking your support to ensure our continued existence if we can’t justify that existence. But be assured, the Wildlife team has been digging deep to continue its proud tradition of representing you in fighting for our voiceless wildlife.

Even with limited resources, these are some of the matters in which we are currently involved:

  • leading the successful campaign to ban single-use lightweight plastic bags in Queensland;
  • advocating a ban on the mass release of helium balloons;
  • winning the campaign, in partnership with Boomerang Alliance, to introduce a Container Deposit Scheme in Queensland;
  • using eDNA sampling to improve understanding of platypus distribution in south-eastern Queensland, the success of which has gained the ongoing positive engagement of local councils;
  • reconnecting and restoring the north Queensland habitat of the endangered mahogany glider;
  • building on past achievements of the RBCN to reconnect Richmond birdwing butterfly corridors in Logan and Albert River catchments;
  • improving coexistence between the broader community and our wildlife through enhanced education;
  • making submissions at a state level on draft legislation to provide for a new class of protected area (special wildlife reserve); the draft Hinchinbrook National Park Management Plan; draft stock route legislation; and in response to the draft Protected Area Strategy;
  • making submissions to the Commonwealth Government on the Grey-headed Flying Fox Draft Recovery Plan; the Review of Intergovernmental Agreement on Biosecurity; and the Draft Commonwealth Threat Abatement Plan for the Impact of Marine Debris on Vertebrate Marine Life; and
  • representing Wildlife Queensland on government committees such as: Bridled Nailtail Wallaby Recovery Group, Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat Recovery Group, Proserpine Rock Wallaby Recovery Group, Fraser Island World Heritage Scientific Advisory Committee, Gondwana Rainforests World Heritage Community Advisory Committee, and Wildlife Advisory Committee (advising on a review of the Nature Conservation Wildlife Regulation).


Our voice is being heard.

We are achieving significant outcomes for our threatened wildlife.

We are credible and important advocates for the protection of our native animals and plants, along with the landscapes in which they live.


Will you see to it that these wins for wildlife continue? Will you help Wildlife Queensland survive for generations to come to ensure that our precious native plants, animals and ecosystems are still here for those generations to appreciate, learn about and learn from?

If wildlife matters mean something to you, please consider giving generously to this appeal. Your support is – and always has been – critical to our success.

Thank you and best wishes,



Peter Ogilvie

President, Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland.

PS. Please donate now before the end of the tax year! Your Wildlife may not survive without you!

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