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Wildlife Queensland is supported by the following semi-independent or independent bodies.


Wildlife Queensland Endangered Species Trust

Established by Wildlife Queensland in 2007, the Endangered Species Trust promotes conservation of Queensland’s biodiversity by providing financial support to specific activities aimed at protection of endangered species, and species at risk of being under threat if proactive action is not taken.

The Endangered Species Trust accepts donations and bequests from individual and corporate entities, and provides a means to ensure funds are being strategically targeted to support a long-term future for Queensland’s wildlife.

The trustees are appointed by State Council and operate as an independent trust, closely aligned to the objectives of Wildlife Queensland.

In 2010, the Endangered Species Trust commenced the Student Research Grants Program, administered by Wildlife Queensland, which provided funds to Queensland university students researching subjects relating to biodiversity conservation between 2010 and 2016. Of particular interest to the Program were projects which investigated methods of addressing or reversing the decline in native plant and animal species or their habitats, or other applied conservation outcomes in Queensland.

Thorsborne Trust

Arthur and Margaret Thorsborne were founding members of Wildlife Queensland’s Gold Coast branch established in the early 1960s. They worked tirelessly in numerous campaigns to protect the environment. They later moved to Cardwell where they campaigned to save significant local areas, in particular, Hinchinbrook Island, and species such as the cassowary and the Torres Strait pigeon.

The Thorsborne Trust was established in memory of Arthur Thorsborne to continue the work he and Margaret initiated, and to extend their vision.

The Thorsborne Trust is established under the constitution of Wildlife Queensland and is managed by a board of trustees.

Margaret Thorsborne (1927 – 2018) was a well-respected and much-loved patron of Wildlife Queensland.

Wildlife Queensland’s Gift Fund

The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland Gift Fund was established by the Society to manage all funds collected through tax-deductible donations within Australia. The fund operates both under bylaws set out by our constitution and also the legal and taxation framework of the Commonwealth of Australia.

A board of trustees, appointed by Wildlife Queensland’s governing body and made up of both elected Wildlife Queensland officers and members of the community, ensures that tax-deductible donations are used appropriately in accordance with the objectives and conditions of the Fund.

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