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Pale-headed rosella (Platycercus adscitus).

Our story

Wildlife Queensland Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Inc. was established in 1963, and was the first ‘country’ branch. Caloundra Branch, as it was originally known, was founded by Kathleen McArthur, one of the four founders of Wildlife Queensland.

Rampant development along the coastal strip and its attendant destruction of wildlife habitat has always been a major concern for the branch, which plays an active role in lobbying for the conservation and preservation of the natural environment.

What we do

  • Faunawatch: Our major project Faunawatch, a community-based fauna monitoring initiative with expert scientific input, has a strong relationship with the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, and receives substantial funding from Council’s Community Partnerships Program.
  • Development advice: We are a member of Stockland’s Aura Community Advisory Group, providing wildlife information to this large development south of Caloundra.
  • Wildlife activities: Members develop their bird, animal, insect, and plant identifying skills on regular Faunawatch outings and Wildflower Festival walks, and participate in Council-led BushCare weeding and planting at conservation reserves.
  • Annual Sunshine Coast Wildflower Festival walks: We offer guided walks in Currimundi (Kathleen McArthur) Conservation Park at Currimundi, Ben Bennett Bushland Park in Caloundra, and other locations.
  • Community engagement and education:
    • We participate in the World Environment Day Festival, and public events across the Coast, enjoying discussions on current issues with members of the public and other environmental groups.
    • Our significant publication Piece by piece: conservation and development on the Sunshine Coast 1960-2020 by Elaine Green can be purchased from the Wildlife Queensland online shop.
    • We offer an annual bursary to a University of Sunshine Coast Animal Ecology student.
  • Membership and liaison with other local environment, landcare and community groups: Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Inc. works with others on common issues.
Wildflower walk© WPSQ Sunshine Coast Branch

Wildflower walk with Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Inc. members.

Sunshine Coast Branch info stall© WPSQ Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Branch

Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Inc. information stall.

Conserving the Sunshine Coast Heathlands

At the Wildlife Queensland Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Branch AGM on 21 February 2024, heathland expert Dr. Hilary Pearl delivered a captivating presentation on the conservation of our heathlands. Drawing on her PhD thesis, ‘DNA barcoding to enhance conservation of Sunshine Coast heathlands,’ completed at the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2023, Hilary’s talk shed light on the pressing issue of continued losses and fragmentation of heathlands in the region.

Her study utilised innovative tools to assess the diversity and distinctiveness of Sunshine Coast heathlands and evaluate their conservation status. Through her research, Hilary presented a hopeful narrative, emphasising that with careful planning, opportunities exist to protect their diversity and distinctiveness into the future.

Download the presentation slides [PDF 7MB]

Thesis and publications

Wildlife Queensland Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Branch 2022 bursary awarded

Congratulations to Matt Mooney, a first-year PhD student at the University of Sunshine Coast, who is the successful recipient of this year’s Wildlife Queensland Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Branch bursary for his PhD study on Rainforest resilience at the frontiers of fireA summary of Matt’s study is available to view as a flipbook or download as a PDF.

To view the flipbook or download: 

  • Press the > button to start or click on the pages. ZOOM in (magnifying glass and plus sign) to make pages larger.
  • Use the RIGHT and LEFT arrows to move forward or back.
  • Click on the DOWNLOAD button (cloud and arrow) to download as a PDF.

Get involved

join our branch

Join our local branch supporters helping to protect and conserve Queensland’s at-risk species and habitats.


See the Faunawatch page for details of upcoming Faunawatch activities and to access the Faunawatch Newsletter.

Branch meetings

Branch meetings are held at 1 pm on the 3rd Wednesday of the month (not Dec) at Caloundra Power Boat Club.

Conservation Newsletter (bi-monthly)

Download our latest newsletter issues below.

Latest branch news

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Wildlife Queensland Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Inc.
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