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Our story

Our story is a simple one — we are a tiny branch with huge passion and commitment for the protection of the amazing landscape in which we live.

I think we all wonder sometimes if we can make a difference, but in recent years our branch has continued to follow in the footsteps of some brilliant conservationists who have gone before us. We do indeed stand on the shoulders of those giants in conservation, and they taught us all that we just need to keep doing whatever we can with optimism and hope for the future.

Daryl Dickson© Daryl Dickson

Cassowary Coast — Hinchinbrook Branch President Daryl Dickson speaking about the ‘Bridging the Gap’ Mahogany Glider Project.

What we do

Wildlife Queensland Cassowary Coast — Hinchinbrook Branch is engaged in the conservation of endangered habitats in the Wet Tropics Bioregion, with a focus on the Cassowary Coast Hinchinbrook Region, specifically:

  • Development and land-use planning: We work to review and comment on coastal development as it impacts endangered species like the dugong, or mangrove communities and melaleuca swamps. We review land-use planning that impacts coastal woodlands and remnant rainforest and threatens iconic species including the mahogany glider (Petaurus gracilis) and southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius).
  • Working with landholders: The branch supports, assists and provides information to land managers about the protection of important habitat and landscape linkages on their land.
  • Working on projects with state schools, local landholders, graziers, and the community, within mahogany glider habitat.
  • Community awareness and education: We raise community awareness of local conservation issues, how individuals can help, and provide environmental education for schools.
  • Collaboration and representation: We engage with threatened species recovery teams, government and industry to share information and resources that aid better decision-making.
  • Projects: We implement corridor and landscape linkages, revegetation, threatened species camera monitoring, and barbed wire replacement.


glider poles© Daryl Dickson

Mahogany Glider pole crossing, Kennedy.

Mahogany glider© Daryl Dickson

Mahogany glider (Petaurus gracilis).

Our branch was established in 1980. Originally Wildlife Queensland Tully Branch, now Wildlife Queensland Cassowary Coast—Hinchinbrook Branch.

We rally volunteers for plantings and collaborate with NRMs and  NGOs to boost numbers for events and projects. New members are welcome.

With your help, we are working to save the mahogany glider

Watch Wildlife Queensland’s Glorious Gliders webinar recording and Download [4.99 MB] Daryl Dickson’s PowerPoint presentation to find out how Wildlife Queensland Cassowary Coast — Hinchinbrook and Townsville Branches are connecting and protecting the endangered mahogany glider.

More information is also available on the Mahogany Glider Recovery Project web page

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Latest branch news

Threatened Species Recovery Plans – not for the faint-hearted

Threatened Species Recovery Plans – not for the faint-hearted

It was a strange but welcome feeling the day Wildlife Queensland’s Cassowary Coast–Hinchinbrook Branch received final notification that the new National Mahogany Glider Recovery Plan had finally been legislated by the Federal Government and jointly made with the Queensland Government.

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Vale Suzie Smith 1952–2021

Vale Suzie Smith 1952–2021

Suzie Smith, founder and long-time office-bearer of WPSQ’s Cassowary Coast and Hinchinbrook Branch, died peacefully in Tully hospital on 27 December 2021 after a long struggle with cancer – and so we lost one of the north’s truest, most abiding champions of our natural and cultural heritage.

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Wildlife Queensland Cassowary Coast — Hinchinbrook Branch
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