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Whiptail wallaby and joey
Photo © Michael Snedic

Wildlife Queensland wants to stop licensed killing of whiptail Whiptail wallaby and joeyPhoto © Michael Snedic wallabies. Current state government culling licences allow the wallaby, also known as the pretty face wallaby, to be harvested commercially. Why not cull whiptails? Whiptail wallabies are losing their habitat. The wallaby likes forested areas on undulating land in …

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Each unrestrained pet cat kills an average of 32 wild animals a year.

After land clearing, unrestrained pets are one of wildlife’s biggest threats. The Queensland Government is asking the Each unrestrained pet cat kills an average of 32 wild animals a year. community for its views on using mandatory and voluntary measures including registration, identification and de-sexing to control the number of domestic pets that are vulnerable …

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Ribbon Reef No 7, Cairns section, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
Photo © GBRMPA

Forty years ago this, WPSQ started its campaign to protect the whole of the Great Barrier Reef from limestone mining and oil drilling. Thanks to the vision and commitment of those members in 1967, we can still visit the largest living thing in the whole world off our coastline. Ribbon Reef No 7, Cairns section, …

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Climate change is one of the great challenges facing Queensland. 
Photo © Arkin Mackay

ClimateSmart 2050–Queensland Climate Change Strategy is the State government’s response to the climate change debate. Released on 3 June, the strategy concentrates on energy initiatives and funding for research with the stated intention Climate change is one of the great challenges facing Queensland.Photo © Arkin Mackay of taking on ‘one of the great challenges facing …

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The Queensland Government is forcing south-east Queensland local authorities into irreversibly committing large tracts of land to development – a move that will push ecosystems to the point of collapse – in order to accommodate a million more residents. Wildlife Queensland wants people to approach their State representative, the Queensland Government ministers responsible and their …

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A federal Senate inquiry has been announced into water supply issues in south-east Queensland, including the proposed Traveston Dam on the Mary River and raising the dam wall at Borumba Dam. The inquiry has been instigated by concerned federal politicians. In addition, the Traveston Dam project is now a controlled action under the Commonwealth Environment …

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The NSW Environment Minister announced in late Febuary 2007 that a massive conservation corridor labelled the ‘Alps to Atherton’ would be established along the eastern edge of Australia. Wildlife Queensland says……This worthwhile project fits with WPSQ’s policies on Conservation of Biodiversity, and National Park Management and our Protecting our Bushland campaign. WPSQ has advocated the …

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The Wenlock River, Cape York. 
Photo © Glenn Walker

The Queensland Government is due to decide whether the Wenlock River in Cape York Peninsula should be declared a The Wenlock River, Cape York.Photo © Glenn Walker Wild River. The Wenlock River system is one of the original 19 rivers slated for declaration by the Queensland Government in 2004. What you can do Make a …

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Are dams the answer? Where will we source our water in the future? 
Photo © Jason Anderson

Water supply – especially when it includes dams in South-East Queensland – is a ‘dam’ difficult issue for everyone. Wildlife Queensland is preparing a policy paper to state the Are dams the answer? Where will we source our water in the future?Photo © Jason Anderson Society’s position on water supply and water use in Queensland. …

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Queensland Conservation (formerly the Queensland Conservation Council) and the Wilderness Society have launched a postcard and Parliamentary e-petition campaign to lobby for the protection of all wild rivers in Queensland. The campaign is in response to the draft Wild Rivers Act tabled by the Queensland Government in February 2004 that proposes to list and protect …

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